Copenhagen Food: Stories, traditions and recipes

Copenhagen Food: Stories, traditions and recipes


By Trine Hahnemann

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The food culture of Copenhagen is woven into the fabric of Trine's daily life; she has lived in the heart of the city for more than 40 years. There is no smorrebrod, hot dog, ice cream, or coffee she hasn't tasted in this quietly gastronomic capital city. She has hosted summer parties, Christmas dinners, street parties, picnics and long, leisurely breakfasts for close friends and huge gatherings, and she has written and talked about the Danish way of eating for publications all around the world.

Now, in this ground-breaking book, Trine takes us on a tour of her home town, introducing us to all the best spots to eat, drink, and catch up with friends. We learn about the old bakeries and food markets, the burgeoning street food scene, the coffee culture, and the world-famous restaurants - and along the way, Trine will offer 70 recipes for some of her very favourite dishes.

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Format Hardback | 288 pages 

Dimensions  20.3 x 3.2 x 24.8 cm |

Weight 522g

Publication date 4 Oct 2018

Publisher Quadrille Publishing Ltd

Language English

ISBN10 9781787131279

ISBN13 978-1787131279

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