Beeswax Food Wrap Sets

Beeswax Food Wrap Sets


Product description

Make a step towards reducing your plastic consumption with these handy bees wax food wraps.

These beautifully designed wraps are a reusable and eco friendly food storage alternative to clingfilm, aluminium foil and single use plastic bags.

The wraps are hand made in the Passa Paa’s U.K studio using their hand printed cotton fabrics as the base.

Simply use the warmth of your hands to mould the wrap around the tops of cups, bowls or create a little pouch to put sandwiches or snacks in.


In this pack you will receive 3 squares in the following sizes:

1 x 29cm x 29cm

2 x 17cm x 17cm

Care instructions

After use wipe or rinse down with warm soapy water and leave to dry naturally.

The wraps can be reset once they get a little used over time. When this happens lay the wrap flat onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and put in the oven on 160c for a minute or two. Once they've come to their final use you can throw them away as they are a 100% biodegradable.

Can be re-used up to 1 year with careful use.

*Not recommended for use with raw meat/fish.

*Do not use for microwaving or re-heating food.

*Do not put in dishwasher or washing machine.

Materials and Ingredients:

100% cotton, pre-washed to remove any residual chemicals that may be present prior to coating with wax.

Pure Beeswax from Laos - a natural product produced by honey bees.

Damar Gum - derived from two types of trees known scientifically as Shorea Dipterocarpaceae and Shorea Javanica

Organic Coconut Oil

*Our wraps have been manufactured in a cross-contaminated conventional oven so not recommended for those with severe food allergies.

*Do not use if you are allergic to propolis, honey or other bee products - propolis is a naturally occurring component found in bee related products.

Manufacturer Passa Paa

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